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2017-04-09 13:52:58 by TheLogiK

I now post art! Check it out!



New Track Is Out!!!

2017-03-02 23:38:12 by TheLogiK

Check out my NEW track, Pinballin'!

Here's the link:

Fun Fact

2016-11-29 17:20:26 by TheLogiK

My favorite music technique is sampling, especially using real music instead of interpolation.


2016-11-06 12:32:08 by TheLogiK

Someone please scout me, or recommend me for the Audio Portal.

HELP ME!!!! D:

2016-10-30 18:59:12 by TheLogiK

Help! I need to know!!!


If you are signed in to your account, and you view your own projects, will they count against the actual number of views? I have 20 plays on a project, and I'm hoping they're not from me!